SMU houses over 200 student organizations. From Student Foundation to Greek life, it can be hard to decide which organization is right for you. So, why join SMU PRSSA? Here are the top five reasons why joining SMU PRSSA is the right decision.

Career Advice

SMU PRSSA hosts an event approximately once a month. Joining SMU PRSSA gives you exclusive access to amazing events intended to prepare CCPA students for the professional world. Some of the events include a panel of young professionals, career fair and agency tour. These opportunities help members determine what avenue of public relations they want to work in.

Bonding with CCPA Students

One of the best and most underrated parts about SMU PRSSA is bonding with fellow CCPA majors. VP Programming, Julia Eggert says, “The final event at the Rustic is everyone’s favorite, including my own every year. It is so fun to bond with other PRSSA members. This year we invited back all the speakers and CCPA professors!”

Leadership Opportunities

Joining SMU PRSSA opens a number of doors to impressive leadership positions. This list includes programming, social media, blogging and more. These positions demonstrate leadership skills and involvement on campus to future employers. Younger members joining SMU PRSSA can work as a coordinator and learn from older executive members. It is never too early to hold a leadership position.

Internship Support

Finding an internship can seem like an impossible task. However, joining SMU PRSSA makes this process a little bit less daunting. SMU PRSSA members are frequently sent job postings from top employers in Dallas. Additionally, joining SMU PRSSA gives you access to PRSSA’s National internship page. 


According to LinkedIn, 85% of jobs are filled via networking. SMU PRSSA connects members with top PR professionals in the Dallas area. Members meet and network with speakers at monthly events. Many of the event speakers are looking for interns themselves. Additionally, SMU PRSSA gives members advice and tips on how to network with professionals.  

Still not convinced? Please check out the PRSSA Nationals page to learn about why PRSSA is the best organization on SMU and any campus.