Membership Updates

SMU’s PRSSA members are gaining traction on SMU’s campus and across Dallas. Our members are working hard to become public relations professionals with strong communication skills, strong networks, and identifiable personal brands. Our members have made amazing strides lately. And we don’t plan on slowing down anytime soon.

PRSSA members
Members of the Dallas Chamber of Commerce with PRSSA members after the latest chapter meeting

PRSSA Members: 50 Total

After recruiting heavily in August and September, our exec board recruited 50 members to our chapter of PRSSA. This is a significant jump in our number of members! This is exciting for multiple reasons. First, more students are interested in Public Relations and communications. This will allow the network within PRSSA at SMU to grow exponentially. Our strength in numbers is gaining traction throughout the SMU community and will make recruiting and retaining for future semesters much more successful. Thank you to all of our members for being a part of PRSSA.

Making Connections with PRSA

Our members are taking their desire to learn and network outside of the SMU “bubble” and are exploring opportunities across DFW through PRSA events. We are creating stronger connections with PRSA Dallas by inviting them into our chapter meetings and by attending PRSA events.

Jeffrey Cheatham, SMU’s PRSA Dallas representative, and Jackie Smith from PRSA have spoken at chapter meetings with SMU’s PRSSA members to encourage them to get involved with PRSA in Dallas. They also invited students to PRSA’s ProAm Day.

Of course, many of our students jumped at the opportunity to participate in PRSA’s ProAm Day. This event paired students with a PRSA member within DFW and allowed students to work with the member at their job for the day, followed by an event-wide luncheon.

To keep our members connected with PRSA, our members are connected to PRSA members through a LinkedIn Group. This group allows members of both organizations to network with one another on their own time.

Network, Network, Network

Last week, we joined the CCPA Advisory Board and CCPA majors to host CCPA Networking Night. The event brought students face-to-face with 15 Dallas professionals within the communications field. Students received feedback on their resum├ęs, job search strategies, and LinkedIn profiles.

Jon Evan Smelley said that CCPA Networking Night “was one of the best networking events [he has] been to at SMU. The professionals were so nice and genuinely wanted to talk to us. They gave great advice.”

During chapter meetings, students have been working on utilizing their personal networks to help other students within PRSSA.

What’s Next for PRSSA Members

PRSSA member Friendsgiving

Later this month, our members will join together for good food and a kick-off to the holiday season. Friendsgiving will take place on November 21, 2019, at 7:00 pm. Stay on the lookout for an email with your invitation to the event. Follow SMU PRSSA on Instagram to see a recap of the event.