Finding an internship is stressful. You might be unsure of where to start your search. You might be unsure of who to contact or how far ahead of time you should start looking. Luckily, there are resources to use when looking for an internship that can give you a starting point. If used correctly and often, many of these tools can help you land your next job.

Resources for the Job Hunt


There are new internship opportunities uploaded weekly onto the CCPA Blog. Most of these positions are eligible for class credit and they are paid positions! The company’s contact information is always included, which makes it easy for you to apply and hear back in a timely manner.

Hegi Family Career Development Center

The career center at SMU has employees dedicated to helping students practice for interviews, format their resumés, and find job opportunities. They have drop-in times for students Monday through Thursday from 11:00am-12:00 pm and 1:00-4:00 pm and Friday 11:00am-1:00 pm and 2:00-4:00 pm. In addition, you can set up an appointment with them to talk about job opportunities in your field.


Handshake is SMU’s website that students have access to with their SMU email. The site has hundreds of internship and job postings that are on campus, around DFW, and across the U.S.


Indeed is a website that lists all types of jobs. They share opportunities for internships, summer jobs, and “real world” jobs for students who have graduated. You can make a free profile on their site and start searching for jobs right away.

Utilize Google

If you know the city, field, or company you want to work in, search on Google and do some digging. If you know you want to intern with a PR firm in Dallas for the summer, search “PR firm summer internships, Dallas” and job opportunities will show up in the results on Google.

Career Fairs

There are multiple students who meet a company representative at the SMU Career Fair, email them their resumé and end up with an interview and potentially a job. Career fairs are a great way to get in contact with specific companies you might have your eyes on.


LinkedIn has a “jobs” tab that is a great tool for finding internships online. You can search by industry, location, or keywords and find opportunities. LinkedIn is also useful for browsing the company’s posts and viewing some of the employee’s profiles.

Ready, Set, Go!

There are hundreds of resources to use when looking for an internship or job, but the key is to find a few and repeatedly use them. Check for new job postings daily. Update your resumé often. Stay confident and optimistic. Your next opportunity is right around the corner, so go out and find it!